April 2015

EMIR and CSDR: Understanding the impact on CCPs and CSDs

Published by Celent in 2015, this report examines the impact of EMIR and CSDR on services delivered by CCPs and CSDs, their changing technology needs and the implications for post-trade processing. The report analyses the future for CSD's as a result of CSDR and the imminent challenges to be faced as competition from new and existing settlement and custody service providers increases. 

Great emphasis is placed on careful and precise selection of custody and select partners within the post-trade space by post-trade processing providers. As regulation becomes more of a certainty moving forward, the report outlines that it is imperative for firms to select partners that best align with their business model. 

Key research questions:

  1. How will services delivered by CCPs and CSDs change based on EMIR and CSDR regulations?

  2. How will technology needs change for CCPs and CSDs?

  3. How will this impact delivery of services by post-trade processing providers?

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